Pre-Orders FAQs

What are Pre-Orders and how do I place them?

Pre-ordering is a way for you to reserve a copy or copies of upcoming releases.

To place a pre-order simply add the issue or issues you would like from our ‘Pre-Orders’ page to your cart and complete your order through the checkout.

I’d like to pre-order a specific issue but can’t find it listed?

We only list pre-order issues for titles that we currently stock or have been requested by customers, that will be released within the next two months at most.

We can provide pre-orders for any soon to be released comic available from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics or any other publisher available through Diamond Comics Previews.

If you would like to pre-order an issue that is not currently listed, please contact us.

We will confirm it’s availability and add it to the Pre-Orders page, we will also email you to let you know it’s now available.

How do I pay for my pre-orders?

Pre-orders do not require payment upfront as you can be billed for your pre-orders once we have them in store and ready to send to you.

If your cart includes pre-orders please use the ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ option at checkout if you would like make payment once your pre-orders arrive.

This payment method allows you to place your pre-order without making immediate payment at checkout, enabling us to provide you with order specific shipping and payment amounts.

For example if your order includes back issue comics and comic book pre-orders we will email you up to three separate totals.

One for back issues that will be shipped to you as soon as payment is received, a second for pre-orders due the following month and a third for pre-orders due in two months time if applicable.
The pre-order totals will only need to be paid once they have arrived and are ready to ship.

You will also have the option to combine your shipping costs.
You may choose to have your entire order, including any back issues sent when the last of your pre-orders arrive or to have all your pre-orders sent together as soon as the issue with the latest release date is in stock.

When using the Direct Bank Transfer option your ordered items will be removed from our stock and you will be provided with Comic Book Shop’s bank account details.

After placing your order you will receive an email from us within 48 hours to confirm the issues you have pre-ordered, this email will also include shipping options and required payment dates.*
(*Please refer to “When will my pre-orders be shipped to me?” for more details.)

Once these details have been confirmed we will provide you with updated totals and required payment dates where applicable.

If you are a new customer you will also need to fill in your shipping details at checkout.

What happens if an issue I’ve pre-ordered is delayed or cancelled by the publisher?

In the unlikely event of any issue being delayed or cancelled we will email you to let you know the issues status.

If an issue is delayed but has a new scheduled release date, we will confirm with you that you would still like to pre-order a copy and provide you with an updated required payment date.

If your pre-order has already been paid for and you decide you no longer wish to receive it, we will refund you payment in full.*

If an issue has been cancelled we will advise you of the cancellation and refund any payments already made.*
(*Payments made for orders that included other items will receive partial refunds to the value of the delayed or cancelled issues plus any additional shipping fees that were applied.)

Can I order more than one copy of a comic I pre-order?

In most case you are welcome to order as many copies of any pre-order issue you would like.
You can alter the amount of copies you would like on the product page.

Occasionally due to limited availability we will limit an issue to one copy per customer.

How will you ship my comics and how much does shipping cost?

Every comic you order from us comes in a fresh comic book bag and board.
All comic book orders are bagged and boarded and wrapped together in a secondary poly bag to protect against the elements during shipping.
Your order is then packed in a tough cardboard book mailer, providing extra protection for those delicate corners.

If you pre-orders cart total is NZ$150 or more and you decide to have your pre-orders shipped together it will ship for FREE!

Pre-Orders are shipped using our standard shipping rates:

The following examples are based on orders shipping within New Zealand for standard sized comic books only; double-sized comics, graphic novels and comic book supplies may alter shipping costs due to size and weight.

  • 1-2 Comics – NZ Post $4.80 / CourierPost $7.20*
  • 1-4 Comics – CourierPost $7.20*
  • 3-12 Comics – NZ Post $6.70* / NZ Post – Tracked $7.70*
  • 5-12 Comics – CourierPost $9.70*

*An additional fee of $3.70 applies to these shipping methods for rural delivery.

You will be provided with several shipping options during checkout, these include:
  • New Zealand Post – NZ Post
  • New Zealand Post – NZ Post – Tracked
  • New Zealand Post – CourierPost
  • New Zealand Post – International Air
  • New Zealand Post – International Economy Courier
  • New Zealand Post – International Express Courier

When will my pre-orders be shipped to me?

After placing your order you will receive an email from us within 48 hours to confirm the issues you have pre-ordered, this email will also include shipping options and required payment dates.

You will be offered several shipping options depending on your order which we will be happy to adapt to your requirements.

For example if you wish to have your pre-orders sent as soon as they arrive in stock we will provide you with totals that take into consideration how many will arrive in the same week and can therefore be sent together.
Your pre-orders will then be shipped to you within 48 hours of arriving in stock.

If you wish to have your pre-orders sent at the end of the month or when they are all in stock, we will provide you with totals that reflect this with combined shipping.

If you have ordered pre-orders and subscriptions, or already have subscriptions in place. You may decide to combine your pre-orders with your subscriptions for shipping purposes.

Are you able to send pre-orders internationally?

We are happy to send subscription orders internationally though international shipping costs apply.
If you are based outside New Zealand please contact us prior to placing your pre-order order.

Still have questions?
Please check our FAQ page or contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.